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Estimated Current Lead Time:

6 Months

Frame No.




Est. Completion



Full Suss BMX


June 2024



Full Suss BMX


June 2024



Custom Hardtail


June 2024



Custom Full Suss


September 2024

Build Status:

Status Key:

  • Waiting - Your frame is in the build queue, and no progress has been made yet.

  • Design - We are currently working on refining the frame design and geometry.

  • Fabrication - Your frame is being fabricated at the moment.

  • Paint - The fabrication process is complete, and your frame is at the powder coaters for painting.

  • Complete - Your frame is fully assembled and ready for delivery.

Note: The above timeline is approximate and subject to change without notice.


This guide provides information on caring for, servicing, and maintaining your WRAD Bikes frame to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

What WRAD Does For Your Steel Mountain Bike Frame

All WRAD Bikes frames are crafted from high-quality steel, requiring minimal care to prevent rust issues.

  • Main Frame Tubes: All WRAD frames after February 2024 are manufactured with sealed tubes and leak tested during the manufacturing process, minimizing exposure to the elements.*

  • Exterior: Power coated or for rust protection and durability, with exceptions like exposed holes or threads, in which a waterproof grease is applied.

  • Interior: Head tubes, bottom brackets and seat tubes all receive a heavy film coating of CRC Soft Seal. 

Maintenance Tips

  • Regularly remove and re-grease the inside of the seat tube every few months to prevent the dreaded stuck seat post.

  • Apply a rust preventative oil down the seat tube seasonally and through any internal breather holes.*

  • Grease internal surfaces of head tube and bottom bracket seasonally.

  • Ensure all bare metal surfaces or holes are well-greased.

Recommended Products

  • CRC Lanocote: Ideal for protecting and maintaining internal surfaces of steel mountain bike frames.

  • CRC Soft Seal: Long term heavy film protection for internal surfaces of head tubes, bottom brackets and seat tubes

  • Waterproof Grease: Apply on contact points and unpainted areas such as bearing surfaces
    and threads.

* Note: Frames Manufactured before February 2024 have internal breathing holes throughout the frame, It is recommended that a rust proventative oil like CRC Lanocote is applied through these holes to the interior of the frame seasonally.  

With proper care, steel frames age gracefully, and rust is unlikely to be a concern. Your WRAD Bikes frame, if maintained correctly, can last a lifetime.


Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before using our bike frame making services. By placing an order or using our services, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

Ordering and Payment:

  • All orders are subject to availability and acceptance by WRAD Bikes. We reserve the right to refuse any order at our discretion.

  • We will provide a detailed quote for all custom frame orders and require your written approval before proceeding with the order.

  • A $500 deposit is required to secure your frame order, which is fully refundable if the order is canceled before the manufacturing process begins.

  • Upon confirmation of the frame specifications, a 50% payment of the remaining balance is due before materials are ordered.

  • The remaining 50% balance is due upon completion of the frame and before delivery.

  • We accept payment via the approved payment methods mentioned in our invoices or on our website.

  • Prices for our bike frames are specified in the quote or invoice provided. Prices are subject to change without notice, except for confirmed orders.

Manufacturing and Delivery:

  • The manufacturing time for each bike frame may vary based on factors such as customization, order volume, and availability of materials. We will provide an estimated manufacturing time upon order confirmation.

  • We will make reasonable efforts to deliver the bike frame within the agreed-upon timeframe. However, we are not liable for any delays caused by unforeseen circumstances or events beyond our control.

  • Shipping costs are not included in the price of the bike frame unless otherwise specified. You will be responsible for all shipping and handling charges, including any applicable taxes, customs duties, or import/export fees.

  • Upon receiving the bike frame, you are responsible for inspecting it for any damages or defects. Any concerns should be reported to us within 48 hours of delivery.


  • Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer unless otherwise specified.

  • We will arrange shipping of the bike frame to the address provided by the customer.

  • The customer is responsible for any taxes, customs duties, or import/export fees associated with the shipping of the bike frame.

Lead Time:

  • The lead time for manufacturing each bike frame will be communicated to the customer upon order confirmation.

  • Factors such as customization, order volume, and availability of materials may affect the lead time.

  • We will make every effort to complete the bike frame within the agreed-upon timeframe, but we cannot guarantee delivery dates due to potential unforeseen circumstances.

Returns and Warranty:

  • We do not accept returns or provide refunds for custom-made bike frames unless there are manufacturing defects or damages caused during transit.

  • We provide a limited warranty for the original owner against manufacturing defects. The warranty terms and conditions will be outlined in a separate warranty document accompanying the bike frame.

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